Autonomous Service

Thanks to its presence sensor, the COMAP Smart Home autonomous thermostat anticipates the right temperature when you are at home and reduces the heating when you are not.

It considers your lifestyle (getting up, going to bed, leaving for work, etc.), the inertia of your home and the weather forecast to turn your heating on and off at the right time.

No planning is necessary, no need to reprogram everything when you change your habits. The thermostat learns and adapts continuously for optimal comfort.

This service can be included with your purchase or through a subscription at 3.99€ / month.

Anticipation Service

The "Anticipation" service allows your thermostat to calculate the thermal parameters of your home and switch on your heating sufficiently in advance so that you have the desired temperature at the desired time.

With the Anticipation service, you no longer set a time at which the heating will start but program the time at which the temperature you want needs to be reached.

This service is accessible through a subscription at 1.99€ / month from your customer account.

Programmable Service

Your family or professional routines are irregular?

Choose our COMAP Smart Home programmable thermostat: create as many heating programmes as you like according to your lifestyle, or change the temperature instantly from your thermostat, smartphone, or PC.