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Dry contact module
This module can be installed by replacing another dry contact heating COMAP Smart Home or Qivivo module. It cannot function on its own and must be...
63.00 € Price
The COMAP Smart Home gateway allows the connectivity of your products, thermostat, module, and head. This gateway can replace your COMAP Smart Home...
42.00 € Price
Heating module
The COMAP Smart Home pilot wire module only works with the COMAP Smart Home (or Qivivo) thermostat for electric radiators operating by pilot wire....
63.00 € Price
If you already have several heating modules, a thermostat can be added to your installation to upgrade your system to multi-thermostat. If you need...
99.00 € Price
Thermostatic Head
The thermostatic connected head is easy to install, noiseless, aesthetic, and discreet. It can adapt to the hydraulic radiators with thermostatic...
84.00 € Price