Starter Kit - Thermostatic head

189.00 €
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Program and control your heating room by room to save energy with our COMAP Smart Home connected heads. The connected thermostatic heads are easy to install, silent, attractive, and discreet. 

It fits your hydraulic radiators equipped with thermostatic bodies. 

The programmable heads are independent of the thermostats and can be installed separately.

Two control methods are available with the dry contact installation thermostat kit, see : Regulation of thermostatic heads with a COMAP Smart Home thermostat

  • Starter Kit content: 2 thermostatic heads M30 avec M28 adapters and 1 clip, 1 gateway, 4 batteries AA. 
  • Power supply voltage: 3 V (do not use rechargeables batteries)
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Display: Low led consumption
  • Radio interface: 868 MHZ by using 6LoWpan protocol
  • Transmission range: Maximum range of approx. 30 m (the range is indicative and may be affected by the type of building and layout of the home
  • Average battery life: 1 year.
  • Humidity sensor